Letters from Yavin IV

Letters from Yavin IV Justyna, 26, Poland. Photographer, writer and philologist, with a soft spot for quantum physics and aviation.

Here be Mass Effect, Tolkien, Doctor Who, Welcome to Night Vale, Stargate, Continuum, and other RPG, fantasy and sci-fi related stuff. Sometimes also something personal. So yeah, mostly I just post/reblog whatever I like.

Also, dogs. Lots of dogs.

A little bit of warning as well: when it comes down to DW, I don't like River Song. Her character may have a lot of potential, but it's completely wasted in the way it's written as it is. So don't expect to see love for River in my posts/reblogs/tags.

Oh, and to be clear: don't expect to see love for Stephen Moffat either.

Big threatening button vs big friendly button (2005 Christmas Special and 7x10).

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